Immunization is a GLOBAL challenge, the rise in vaccine preventable diseases is a GLOBAL challenge and the vaccine market is a GLOBAL one. However, funding opportunities appear more restricted to geographic locations than the actual value of the initiative, irrespective of the country the team behind the initiative is based in!

Over the last two years, our small team of five freelancers (operating between Belgium & Italy) has been creating Virology and Vaccinology Comics to increase public awareness about the science behind vaccines and viral diseases. To this end, we initially provided lots of donations including special offers and discounts for our customers. However, this was in our infancy when we needed every single penny to grow our product and business. Regretfully this early generosity has been misunderstood by some of the community. We can no longer sustain such generosity and continue to provide high quality work and whilst simultaneously scaling our production up.

Therefore, from May 2017 in the interest of continued quality I am going to undertake the following actions:

No further promotions or discounts.

– The printed hard (or soft) covers of the comics will be restricted to an Exclusive Club of 120  where only names listed in the Wall-of-Fame.

Subscription options (6$ – 12$ – 18$ – 25$ – 50$) at: http://www.cimazacomics.com/subscribe.html

Thank you for keeping us able us to place this treasure within the publics collections.




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