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The inaugural award winner of ISLA is ‘Cimaza Virology Comics’.  Using the power of illustrations, comics and animated videos Cimaza facilitates the acquisition and transmission of scientifically accurate information on viruses and vaccines, thus improving health and science literacy.

The graphic material of Cimaza is provided in the major European languages and in Arabic and covers a number of different topics, including bacterial and viral infections, antibiotics and vaccine safety. The challenge is to deliver scientific knowledge using an engaging and attractive means directed to a wide range of learners (children, parents, immigrants, refugees and low literacy communities, general public), empowering them to make the right decisions and take appropriate actions on their health and quality of life both in normal situations and during emerging crises.

For more information see the Cimaza profile.

ISLA is funded and administered by the Hardie Wren Development Initiatives (HWDI) and facilitated in collaboration with NIDA.