Anti-vaxxers’ New Game: the S.I.D.S – I warn you!

Few weeks ago, 30 Romanian & 2 🇮🇹 kids DIED from #Measles #Morbillo!

Antivaxxers, instead of admitting their fault, they are now playing SIDS!

There is NO such link between Vaccines & SIDS. We have been explaining this using the most easy-to-understand model: the comic.

This why @VirologyComics is A LIFE-SAVING initiative!

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ANTICHE _ Photo #1: Poliomielite

Ref. Il Corpo Umano

Siamo quasi alla fine degli anni ’50.
Peggy Kennedy è una giovanissima paziente di tre anni. “Gioca” con i suoi anatroccoli sistemati accanto al suo letto.

We are now at the end of 50′

Peggy Kennedy is a young 3-year old patient in three years. “Play” with ducklings placed beside her.

E’ una delle vittime della Poliomielite e lo è diventata giusto qualche anno prima che venisse scoperto ed utilizzato il vaccino Antipolio.

She is one of the victims of polio and it has become just a few years before the Oral Polio Vaccine discovered.

Indossa una specie di poncho, molto più comodo del classico “polmone d’acciaio” in cui diverse persone furono condannate a vivere per tutta la vita, un dispositivo che, applicando una pressione negativa, le permette di espandere il torace e quindi i polmoni, consentendole di poter respirare.

Having one sticker on the arm is yet more comfortable than the classic “iron lung” in which several people were condemned to live for the whole life, a device that, by applying a negative pressure, allows the chest to expand and therefore, the lungs  remain able to breathe.

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Zika Virus Comics: Episode #1

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003 658 437

004 683 427

005 939 633

006 415 595

To be continued

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