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| Nature Microbiol | [..] The renewed popularity of comic books has also provided a novel platform for information dissemination, such as the Cimaza virologcomics developed by Susan Nasif and collaborators. These award-winning comics address debunking vaccine myths through a fact-filled and engaging narrative designed to appeal to adults and teenager(http://www.cimaza.be/). To date, several thousand copies have been sold on copyrighand are displayed in waiting rooms and classrooms. The website itself receives a close to 7,000 visitors annually.

| Science |How secret, late-night experiments transformed two scientists into master cartoonists  […] Susan is an incredible science cartoonist and a virologist. You can find her work on her website. She has a wonderful series of comics that convey a ton of information about the importance of […]


Nature Magazine (25 Jan 2018 _ 7689) 

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