Quiz #6 (19.05.2017-23.05.2017)

Quiz #5 (30.04.2017-05.05.2017; Ended)

EGYPT – WINNER: John A. Lucci (@JAL_IV) – Award

Quiz #4 (26.04.2017-28.05.2017; Ended)

HEPATITIS B – WINNER: GrouchomaitiAward

Quiz #3 (24.04.2017-25.04.2017; Ended)

EDWARD JENNER – WINNER: Lind Correll – Award


Quiz #2 (18.04.2017-25.04.2017; Ended)

The World was declared free of [RINDERPEST VIRUS] in 2011 – WINNER: Marc Van Ranst – Award

Quiz #1 (10.04.2017-17.04.2017; Ended)

In 1980, the world was declared free from SMALLPOX VIRUSWINNER: Sandra Pearson – Award

4 thoughts on “QUIZ

    1. Polio is still endemic in Pakistan & Afghanistan. Also reared its head recently (2014) in the Horn of Africa, Syria, and Nigeria. Far from gone (also found in environmental samples in Israel & Brazil in recent years).

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  1. The world as rendered free of the RINDERPEST VIRUS in 2011; Thus far, smallpox and rinderpest are the two only viral diseases that we eradicated. Polio should be next !

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