Zika Virus Comics: Episode #1

—– QUIZ#1: At which country this episode took place? —–

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To be continued

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مغامرات الفيروسات المذهله ( الحلقه السابعة )

مغامرات الفيروسات المذهله ( الحلقه الثانيه )

 مغامرات زنزاري – الجزء الرابع

مغامرات زنزاري – الجزء الثالث

مغامرات زنزاري: الجزء الثاني

مغامرات زنزاري: الجزء الأول

The Xceptional Virologist & the EMMARS: The Real RAYBD-VAX Story (COMING SOON)

Exclusive Rabies & Yellow Fever Adventures (Only 120 Hard Covers will be produced – Book yours now – if you like! -)



(Free Science (Virology) Online Comics Funded by the E.M.M.A.R.S (Subscribers):

Scenario: Dr. Susan Nasif  – Artwork:Jordan Collver

The Story is a nice mixture of real #vaccines development w/ a journey, sometimes personal, between Tehran, Beirut &……… STAY TUNED! (& Support it IF YOU CAN)

“I’m going to introduce the E.M.M.A.R.S to you one-by-one next week within the Rabies/Yellow fever comic story. Until then, I only would like you to know “why them?”. I’d say because they have been the only 6 supporting Virology Comics & Animations for over a year on a monthly basis. This means: every free comic or video you might have enjoyed before is because of them. A+”

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Who is @XceptionalVirologist?

Susan Nasif holds “PhD degree” in “Virology” from the virology lab of the renowned Prof. J. Neyts, KU Leuven, Belgium. Susan was among the pioneer researchers who worked on the “hepatitis C virus” with the laboratory group of Professor Fabien Zoulim in Lyon, France. During her undergraduate years, she was “awarded the Certificate of Excellent Performance three times” for her exemplary work and academic skills.

Susan is a “cartoonist”. She has worked with children from an early age, combining art and science for a more engaging approach to both disciplines.

Susan is the founder and creator of Cimaza Comm. V., a small publishing company with an academic orientation that focuses on providing inspirational teaching methods by combining tools that are borrowed from comics and fine art.