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By: Larry Lynam. 3rd April 2019

One of the greatest challenges a science communicator faces

today is finding effective ways to reach an audience in a world

with an ever-escalating noise level. One person who is

successfully overcoming that obstacle is Dr Susan Nasif. Susan

masterfully demonstrates her scientific knowledge, creative

storytelling, and artistic talent in her science comic that lives up

to its name

“The Amazing Adventures of The Viruses – Vol 1 – Vaccines”.

Susan has created a fascinating story that challenges and

corrects misinformation concerning vaccines. She masterfully

weaves important facts with a clear narrative that is illustrated

with effective visuals. Her work teaches important and useful

information regarding viruses and diseases in a manner that

stimulates the reader’s curiosity and increases the likelihood

that key facts will be retained.

Just when I thought the narrative could not get any better, Susan

skillfully uses story to creatively teach two concepts that are

important in understanding how our immune system and

vaccines work. Many of us have used a variety of techniques to

explain antigen presenting and the antigenic memory response

to lay audiences. Using combined story and artistry, Susan

explains these important concepts in a manner that is easy for a

person untrained in the science to grasp, learn, and retain with


I recommend this book for anyone who is looking for ways to

communicate the important messages of vaccines or the

science behind vaccines and our immune system. As a science

communicator who is always on the lookout for new material for

my courses and workshops, I can easily see incorporating this

book into the interactive activities and exercises I create for my

client programs.

The added bonus: this promises to be the first of a series. I am

already anticipating the next volume.


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