The Xceptional Virologist & the EMMARS: The Real RAYBD-VAX Story (COMING SOON)

Exclusive Rabies & Yellow Fever Adventures (Only 120 Hard Covers will be produced – Book yours now – if you like! -)



(Free Science (Virology) Online Comics Funded by the E.M.M.A.R.S (Subscribers):

Scenario: Dr. Susan Nasif  – Artwork:Jordan Collver

The Story is a nice mixture of real #vaccines development w/ a journey, sometimes personal, between Tehran, Beirut &……… STAY TUNED! (& Support it IF YOU CAN)

“I’m going to introduce the E.M.M.A.R.S to you one-by-one next week within the Rabies/Yellow fever comic story. Until then, I only would like you to know “why them?”. I’d say because they have been the only 6 supporting Virology Comics & Animations for over a year on a monthly basis. This means: every free comic or video you might have enjoyed before is because of them. A+”

Panel 1COPYRI8


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